A Behaviour and Positive Discipline parent learning session was facilitated by an MCMCT parent leader.

This session was delivered based on needs expressed by newcomer parents who have between ages 6 and 12. It took place at the Learning Enrichment Foundation on August 4, 2017. It signified a real opportunity to share tips and strategies regarding the concept of positive discipline to parents.

Parents were very open and shared stories of their lived experience on their children’s behaviour and strategies used to encourage positive behaviour.   

This Sleep and Routines parent learning session was facilitated by an MCMCT parent leader.

One of the most popular learning sessions for parents is the Importance of Sleep and Routines for Children 6 to 12 Years Old. This session was facilitated by MCMCT parent leader Tania Riverol Diaz on July 26, 2017 for newcomer parents at the Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF).

Gratitude to Ontario Trillium Foundation for funding Parents Matter project which empowers parent leaders and prepares them to transfer knowledge and skills they learn to other parents in their communities.

Parent leaders enjoyed learning how to facilitate a discussion, take leadership roles and speak in public.

The main objective of the Parents Matter Project, funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), is to empower parents with children 6 to 12 years old with the skills and knowledge to strengthen their children’s social and emotional strengths.

To achieve goal 5 of MCMCT, parent leaders attended the Community Development and Recreation Committee meeting on June 7, 2017 at City Council.

Parent leaders Nancy (right) and Waala (left)

MCMCT shared their concerns regarding the proposed City of Toronto budget in a letter sent to the Budget Committee.

In January 2017, two parents, on behalf of MCMCT, wrote deputations in regards to the City of Toronto’s proposed 2017 Budget. You can read their deputations below:

On Thursday, February 26th, the Middle Childhood Matters Coalition of Toronto held an educational evening in the City Hall rotunda. Guests had the opportunity to learn about MCMCT members and partners, such as the City of Toronto, Social Planning Toronto, Children’s Aid Society, Sick Kids Hospital, as well as both licensed-based and community-based after-school programs in Toronto. Approximately 40 middle years children from after-school programs including Harbourfront Centre, Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club, West Neighbourhood House, and Beyond 3:30 were also in attendance.

Today, the Healthy Kids Panel presented its recommendations to help improve the health of children in Ontario. The recommendations will inform the government’s next steps to reduce childhood obesity, as set out in the province’s Action Plan for Health Care.

To see the full strategy: Toronto Middle Childhood Strategy 2012

What’s inside:

  • Importance of out-of-school time programs and school aged children (6-12)
  • Guiding principals
  • Research study findings
  • Literature review
  • Moving Forward

The Middle Childhood Strategy will be presented to the Community Development and Recreation Committee (CRDC) on Wednesday 17 October 2012.

Dear all stakeholders of children 6-12 and their families,

This Wednesday, the CDRC Committee meets and decides if the City of Toronto should adopt a Middle Childhood Strategy. This is something that as a Coalition, we have pursuing for years. The time has now come to mobilize and ensure Councilors of the CDRC understand the importance of adopting this Strategy for our City.

The Ministry of Education’s discussion paper on Modernizing Child Care in Ontario: Sharing Conversations, Strengthening Partnerships, Working Together is a intended to begin a conversation with child care partners and families on:

  • a long-term vision for child care

  • targeted objectives to support this vision

Please see full report here >