Ways you can take action now!

Ways you can take action now!

1. Help us to be heard

Share our site using one or more of the social icons below.

The more people who get involved in Middle Childhood Matters Coalition Toronto, the stronger our foundation of civic engagement and bottom-up storytelling.

2. Share our poster on the importance of middle childhood

Spread awareness of our cause by printing this poster and displaying it:

  • at your local community centre
  • at your place of work
  • on community bulletin boards

3. Join the movement

Civic engagement is an important way for individuals to help build the community they want to see. It can take many forms including volunteering, voting or getting involved in the local neighbouhood.

Resources for Civic Engagement and Advocacy

My Local Government — It's for Me — become better informed, have your say, and serve your city.

How Government Works — learn about the Canadian government's structure, priorities and policies and discover everyday ways to partner with it.

Toronto City Council and Committees — learn about local city committees and view meeting schedules.

If you sign up to make a deputation (a presentation to a committee), here are some helpful tools: