Who Are Members?

Members are individuals from social sector organizations that support the Coalition’s vision. People join because they care about, work with, or are impacted by children ages 6 to 12, both during and outside the school day. See who are current members.

Become a Member

Every month, members meet to discuss news, events, projects, and current issues relating to middle years children. Members receive up-to-date information through the MCMCT website and Coalition meetings. Through these resources, members have the opportunity to network with other social service staff, participate in public awareness initiatives, access affordable workshops/trainings and participate in focused discussions based on individual interests and skills. To become a member, simply RSVP to attend our monthly meeting by emailing

Roles and Responsibilities of Members

1. Members are expected to regularly attend our monthly meetings. Participation in ad hoc working groups during or between Coalition meetings is the choice of the individual. The activities members participate in equate to approximately 2-5 hours is contributed monthly (which includes the Coalition’s monthly meeting).

2. Member agencies send one representative to attend meetings. If the regular representative is unable to attend, please make an effort to send another on your behalf.

3. Members are encouraged to share Coalition information with their colleagues, other organizations and the sector they work with.

4. Members are encouraged to email the Project Coordinator with any relevant community events, policy or research initiatives, or other activities related to middle childhood. This information can be distributed with the Coalition and on social media to promote collaboration and greater awareness across the sector.

Ad Hoc Working Groups

  • Purpose: To identify needs, investigate possible action and recommend next steps to the Coalition

  • Additional Activities: Assist in carrying out some of the business of the Coalition, such as planning and implementing a specific initiative (for example, the bi-annual conference)

  • Decision Making: All decisions will be discussed with steering committee and Coalition members for approval; final decision to be made by committee group

Where Our Coalition Is Represented