As part of our Parents Matter Project, these videos help parents to better support their children's positive social-emotional development. Watch these videos alone or alongside your child!


Sleep and Bedtime Routines

Learn why sleep is very important, how much sleep your child needs, and how to foster good sleep habits with your child.

Wellbeing and Resilience for Children ages 6-12

Learn the four elements of wellbeing, how to build your child's resilience, and the importance of your own wellbeing.


Healthy Eating and Nutrition for Children Ages 6-12

Learn why a healthy diet is very important, how to make healthier food choices, and how to encourage a positive attitude toward food.


Online Safety and Technology for Children Ages 6-12

Learn how to be responsible with technology, talk about online safety with your child, and how to create a family agreement together.


Math Outside the Classroom

Helpful tips on how to foster your child's love and learning of math


Reading with Children Ages 6-12

Learn about the stages of reading that your child will go through and how to foster your child's love of reading


Development During Middle Childhood

Learn about different social, emotional and cognitive changes your child will go through during middle childhood and early adolescence


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