Toronto City Budget 2019

Toronto City Budget 2019

The city budget process is an important opportunity for residents to engage in developing the city they want. The city budget determines what programs, services and infrastrucutre receive funding and, consequently, what the city priorities are.

Middle Childhood Matters Coalition Toronto has always viewed the budget process as the chance to prioritize children ages 6-12 - to push for more child care subsidies, to increase access to student nutrition, to add much-needed recreational spaces, and so on. 

This year, in addition to providing a submission on behalf of the Coalition, we supported our Parent Leaders to further engage in the budget process. Over two sessions, 10 Parent Leaders were trained and supported to write deputations for the budget consultation. They talked about the issues that mattered most to them like affordable housing, reliable transit, and safe and access after-school programs.

We are so proud of the number of Parent Leaders that presented their deptuations to City Councillors.

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