Modernizing Child Care in Ontario – Sharing Conversations, Strengthening Partnerships, Working Together

Modernizing Child Care in Ontario – Sharing Conversations, Strengthening Partnerships, Working Together

  • The Ontario Ministry of Education admitting the importance of high quality programs not only to children’s wellness but also the sustainability and growth of our economy and workforce as many families rely on these programs.
  • The Ministries vision to build on the work of Dr. Charles Pascal that builds on Full Day Kindergarden Process of Modernization will not be about expanding the current system. (View Report)
  • It will be about stabilizing and transforming the system to enable higher-quality, consistent services that can support growth in the future.

 The Ministry acknowledges the following existing challenges:

  • Funding
  • Legislation -Day Nurseries Act (restrictions/guidelines for child care centers)
  • Inconsistent program quality and lack of consistency
  • Accountability of the sector
  • Better access to local data to inform decisions

Guiding Principles that will guide long-term vision for early learning and childcare in Ontario:

  • Support & Choice for children and families
  • Commitment to quality programs for all children
  • Efficient funding formula
  • Supportive legislation and regulations
  • Evidence-based decision making and reporting

What does this mean for school aged children and out-of-school programs? 

  • Looking for feedback on if they should continue to deliver onsite after-school programs
  • Should new licensing and legislation be introduced for older children that build on the strengths of a recreation care model

Are you a parent, service provider or someone who just cares about children?
If you feel passionate about how and where school aged children spend their time, please take a few minutes to write to the Ministry of Education with your thoughts, concerns or ideas.

If you wish to have more information on the kind of feedback they are looking for please reference the report, they have presented dozens of questions (in the boxes). View Report

Deadline for Submissions: September 27 2012
Please submit your feedback to:

or by mail

Child Care Modernization
c/o Early Learning Division
Ministry of Education
900 Bay St. 24th floor Mowat Block
Toronto, ON M7A 1L2